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100 days Ago, It was a Sunday!

Unlike many other Sundays that was a special one, and aspirants remember it for two reasons, they did well, and they didn’t, the Sunday in discussion is June 5th 2022. CSE Prelims.

Many aspirants were hopeful, many were close to the cut-off, some were never able to come out of the CSAT quagmire. Many tears were shed, the failure of the most serious and dedicated aspirants followed by deafening sound of heartbreak inside, could not be heard outside.

Life goes on, after 100 days I have some questions for the ones who did not make it!

  1. What did you accomplish in the last 100 days?
  2. If you have cleared, are you in a position to write the mains that will start on 16th and sit and write for 6 hours a day?
  3. Did you start working on mains preparation with all your might?
  4. Even if you have read 8 hours a day, for 75 days also 600 hours of investment should be done by now. Do you have something to show for that?
  5. Did you complete at least 2 GS papers? Those who cleared, most of them read 1-4 GS + Optional + Essay, in the same time, what about you?
  6. Did you stop yourself with prelims preparation again? Like doing 5 hours of CSAT from now?
  7. What is your status regarding Optional?
  8. One last question, by putting so much emphasis on prelim’s preparation you will clear next prelims, what about mains?

Failure is a default setting in UPSC, it will come to you naturally, the struggle is to change the default. I hope you will ask the right questions and do what is necessary.

All the best.

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