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Fear is Inevitable part of Prelims preparation.

Arguably prelims Is “The toughest” stage in the UPSC journey, owing to the uncertainty of paper, vastness of syllabus and abundant availability of materials/test series and now a days added burden of experts on Telegram, YouTube or  elsewhere dumping materials to create that never ending feeling of dissatisfaction of preparation, which will create negative perception that feeling of more is good and fear of missing out.

So, all that creates fear and uncertainty.Fear is crippling your prepartion and making you lose hope and makes you falsely believe that its difficulut at this stage to do any thing ….

Think logically , everyone is doing the same stuff, reading same books, same materials, more or less same test series, still some clear with excellent scores (repeatedly).

What is the secret ?

  • Cover everything you are supposed to cover, all GS subjects + Current affairs materials/Notes + CSAT – it gives you immense satisfaction around 8:00 Am on the exam day, deep inside you, you will find courage and answers, not that bad, obviously I could have done better, but I did do justice by covering all the basics (sense of inner satisfaction) . That voice is important on the exam day, it calms your nerves, it gives you a hope… carry that hope into the exam hall.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war…” – Sun Tzu

  • No body clears prelims with out some kind of guess work – what is called as Guessability, what I call as Art of stone Throwing **TM , the first round, the first of the three actually is make or break stage of prelims. This is where you attempt all the “known” questions 45-55 on avg, depending on the difficulty of the paper of course. The higher the number of questions you attempt in first round, more positive you feel, remember the hope from above point, it will have green shoots in this stage, it will have snow ball effect and it will lead to confidence, in this state of mind if you go, for the Art of stone Throwing, your hunch will be right most of the times.
  • What I am trying to say is after a point of time no one clears prelims only on basis of knowledge alone, Hunch  (not pure emotion,) it’s an intuition, what we have read somewhere but not totally sure about it plays a importnat role , for that we need to keep reading some thing or the other, or revisie FLT/Mocks or books…
  • Now coming back from exam hall to today, if you are in nervous breakdown or allowing fear to occupy your mind and tell your self a story,that its too late, let me tell you it’s the last minute revision which have high probability of actually appearing In the exam hall.
  • To hear a voice of hope before the exam hall you need to do everything you can and that you are supposed to do, so instead of thinking do it. And you will be glad you used the last few days also effectively.
  • The secret is hope [Calm mind] + 1st round [Calm mind — leads to–  better scores] , for them to happen on the exam day, you need to utilise every minute that is avavilble to you.

Hope — 1st round — green shoots – art of stone throwing – hunch – positive attempt.

Remember this, failure is a defalut setting in UPSC preparation, it takes lot of strength and courage to over come all your weaknesses and change that default. So Do what matters the most and it will be a memorable day.

If your preparation itself is flawed, and did not read everything even once, remember this

Whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you stronger ~ Friedrich Nietzsche.

Even if you fail, you should fail in the right direction, learn the right lessons, get stronger for the next attempt.

PS: Dont Ignore CSAT

All the very best



1 thought on “Fear is Inevitable part of Prelims preparation.”

  1. Sure Sir… While reading text I can hear your voice with full of compassion….
    UPSC preparation Journey would have been/will be a saltless food without your words like this at every crucial stages…


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