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[Important] Keywords and Topics In Newspapers [12-05-20]

[Important] Keywords and Topics In Newspapers or “Read between the lines” is an initiative by Parivarthan IAS to encourage aspirants to self study and refocus on the newspapers instead of totally depending on third party sources for their preparation. How to make most of Read between the lines is Explained here , also you can find all the Previous read between the lines posts here in the Archives →

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Important Keywords and Topics In Newspapers [12-05-20]

Constitution, Polity & Governance

  • Fundamental rights
  • Directive principles of State policy
  • Right against forced labour –article 23
  • PUDR v. Union of India (1982)
  • Rajyasabha
  • constituent assembly
  • Government of India act 1919 and 1935
  • Bicameralism
  • Federalism
  • Religious freedom fundamental right
  • international labour organisation -what are various conventions that India signed and ratified ILO based
  • Right to free speech
  • Gandhi peace prize
  • Telecom regulatory authority of India Quasi- judicial body
  • Protection of children against sexual offences act

Society & Social issues

  • LGBTQ means ?

International relations & Institutions

  • World Trade organisation
  • OPEC countries -OPEC plus countries


  • Indian labour laws & labour codes ?
  • 90% of Indian labour is informal so do they apply to them ?
  • Fiscal responsibility and budget management act
  • what is gig economy
  • what do you understand by poverty line ?  what is India’s official poverty line  ?
  • What is quantitative easing
  • 15 finance commission
  • environment impact assessment
  • international monetary fund
  • Brent crude oil
  • E- National agriculture market
  • agriculture produce Market committee
  • farmer producer organisation
  • what are bond yields
  • what is government bond
  • what are open market operations
  • special economic zones
  • what are white goods
  • what is Bharat stage 6 fuel norms
  • Foreign direct investment

Science and Technology

  • What is 4G technology
  • Convalescent plasma therapy
  • what are randomised controlled trials
  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) Test
  • RT-PCR (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) test
  • What is  anonymized data & encrypted data same or different ?

History, Indian Heritage and Culture

  • Dr BR Ambedkar
  •  Karachi declaration 1931 –bill of rights

Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

  • What is grievance redressal mechanism


  • No country can develop that does not invest in human capital of its citizens, that does not increase the share of labour in the countries wealth, and does not get the balance between capital and labour right.  comment
  • The role of The upper house is to be a deliberative body decides balancing the fickleness and Passion of the elected house . Comment
  • what is the need of having a data protection bill in India

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