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[Important] Keywords and Topics In Newspapers [13-05-20]

[Important] Keywords and Topics In Newspapers or “Read between the lines” is an initiative by Parivarthan IAS to encourage aspirants to self study and refocus on the newspapers instead of totally depending on third party sources for their preparation. How to make most of Read between the lines is Explained here , also you can find all the Previous read between the lines posts here in the Archives →

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Important Keywords and Topics In Newspapers [13-05-20]

Constitution, Polity & Governance

  • public interest litigation
  • article 21 –right to life which also includes right to medical treatment?
  • article 32  its importance
  • why is it important to seek balance between rights and national security
  • Anuradha Bhasin v. UOI Case doctrine of proportionality–implications of the judgement on section 144 of CRPC–
  • disaster management act 2005
  • union list state list concurrent list which schedule–what happens to residuary powers
  • is federalism a basic feature of the constitution
  • cooperative federalism
  • corporate social responsibility
  • Read Rajya Sabha Chapter in Laxmikanth
  • Special powers of rajya sabha
  • creation of all India services
  • Role of RS in proclamation of emergency & president rule
  • what is joint sitting of parliament
  • public accounts committee
  • what happens when a bill is certified as money bill by lok sabha speaker what is the role of rajya sabha then ?
  •  unlawful activities prevention act
  • citizenship amendment act
  • zero hour

Society & Social issues

  • pocso act
  • one stop centre  domestic violence
  • Global nutrition targets– global nutrition report 2020
  • what is stunting
  • what is anaemia

International relations & Institutions

  • World health organisation
  • Shanghai cooperation organisation
  • European union
  • line of actual control
  • ASEAN countries


  • What is bad Bank– asset reconstruction company
  • what is non performing asset
  • Sovereign digital currency– Central Bank digital currency — based on blockchain technology  –that is also used in cryptocurrencies
  • Economic stimulus package
  • Pradhanmantri Garib Kalyan Yojana
  • index of industrial production
  • rythu Bandhu scheme
  • micro small and medium enterprises
  • what is minimum wage
  • goods and services tax
  • jam Trinity Jan Dhan Aadhar mobile
  • Jan dhan account
  • Aadhar
  • niti aayog
  • what are fintech companies
  • what do you understand by exclusion and inclusion errors in Govt schemes
  • Money bill and finance bill
  • Demand for grants
  • insolvency bankruptcy code
  • energy efficiency service limited various initiatives
  • gross domestic product
  • foreign portfolio investors

Science and Technology

  • Aarogya setu app
  • 4G technology

Geography, ,Environment, Biodiversity and Disaster Management

  • Godavari river
  • what are riparian rights
  • environment impact assessment
  • environment protection act
  • smooth coated otter iucn status

Questions :

  • The line between obstruction and disruption is very thin and we should guard against it — in relation to Parliamnetary proceedings .. comment
  • Essay: We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors we borrowed it from our children .

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