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[Important] Keywords and Topics In Newspapers [28-05-20]

[Important] Keywords and Topics In Newspapers or “Read between the lines” is an initiative by Parivarthan IAS to encourage aspirants to self study and refocus on the newspapers instead of totally depending on third party sources for their preparation. How to make most of Read between the lines is Explained here , also you can find all the Previous read between the lines posts here in the Archives →

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Important Keywords and Topics In Newspapers [28-05-20]

Constitution, Polity & Governance

  • competition commission of India –abusing market position– unfair advantage –antitrust challenge– dominant position –
  • Central bureau of investigation
  • Central vigilance commission
  • comptroller and auditor general
  • national human right commission
  • food corporation of India
  • chief justice of India
  • essential commodities act
  • niti aayog
  • swachh Bharat mission
  • forest rights act
  • panchayats extension to scheduled areas act
  • National green tribunal
  • citizenship amendment act

Society & Social issues

  • who are called as undertrials

International relations & Institutions

  • doklam issue
  • kalapani region issue
  • hongkong -basic law- one nation two systems
  • line of actual control


  • what are zero risk weighted loans : Zero risk loans mean that banks will not have to set aside additional capital for these loans
  • what are non performing assets
  • Why supply chain disruptions are you serious issue for economy ?
  • internal migrants in India as per census 2011 is 450 million
  • Deficit monitization
  • reserve Bank of India
  • Government bonds
  • open market operations
  • what are secondary markets
  • what is fiscal policy
  • what is monetary policy
  • what is inflation and inflation targeting
  • fiscal responsibility and budget management act
  • what are bond yields


  • what is dark web –what is data breach- cyber threat
  • enforcement directorate
  • narco terrorism –drugs coming to India
  • financial action task force
  • unlawful activities prevention act

Science and Technology

  • reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test
  • what is open source software how is it beneficial for certain apps specially government apps

Geography, ,Environment, Biodiversity and Disaster Management

  • what are invasive species –invasive mussel- ashtamudi lake ramsar site
  • locust Swarm
  • El nino
  • Indian ocean dipole
  • What are heat waves criteria of heat waves severe heat waves etc
  • western disturbances

History, Indian Heritage and Culture

  • World war 2

Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

  • what is nishkam karma
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