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Important Must Read Articles in Newspapers [03-12-20]

Important Must Read Articles in Newspapers is an initiative by Team Parivarthan IAS ( since 2013) to provide suggested articles from The Hindu, Indian Express, LiveMint etc.

Reading Newspaper selectively will give edge to the students, helps them develop in depth analysis,develop answer writing skills and make notes through collection of facts, examples etc.

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Suggested Articled from Newspapers [03-12-20]


Opinion and Columns

Write briefly about the Programmes for ‘Welfare of the Disabled’./ Divyang or Diffrently abled.

National, International,Business and Life

‘India will not accept less than bottom line in talks with China’

Do you think that China’s emergence as one of the largest trading partners of India had adversely affected the settlement of the outstanding border problem?

Pressure groups in India are not matured but they are too diverse. Analyse the characteristics of pressure groups in India?

The exercise of executive clemency is not a privilege but is based on several principles, and discretion has to be exercised in public considerations. Analyze this statement in thecontext of the judicial powers of the President of India. Adopt this Question to governors Power.

‘To ensure effective implementation of policies addressing water, sanitation and hygieneneeds, the identification of beneficiary segments is to be synchronized with the anticipated outcomes’ Examine the statement in the context of the WASH scheme.

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