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Important Must Read Articles in Newspapers [22-07-20]

Important Must Read Articles in Newspapers is an initiative by Team Parivarthan IAS ( since 2013) to provide suggested articles from The Hindu, Indian Express, LiveMint etc.

Reading Newspaper selectively will give edge to the students, helps them develop in depth analysis,develop answer writing skills and make notes through collection of facts, examples etc.

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We apologize for the Delay in posting suggested articles, we were working on something ! and we are happy to announce that our 2021 Prelims courses are live !

Prelims 2021 Test Series

This Is a special course designed to give balanced approach for aspirants aiming for UPSC 2021, which will help you cover Both General studies and current affairs simultaneously. [Bonus CSAT tests also included]  Check out the portal, you can also take our free weekly current affairs Quiz 

Structure of test series:

  • Total Number of Tests: 46 Tests.
  • 23 GS Test [18 Subject wise tests + 1 test on Economic survey, budget, and Government Schemes + 4 Full-length tests (FLT)]
  • 05 CSAT Full length tests
  • 18 Current Affairs tests. [17th Monthly tests covering January 2020 to May 2020 + 1 Full length test.
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Suggested Articled from Newspapers [22-07-20]


Opinion and Columns

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National, International,Business and Life


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