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[Indian Society & Ethics] ‘Bois Locker Room’ and Way Forward

Bois Locker Room, a controversial Instagram group where schoolboys discussed raping their classmates was recently in the news. From Indian society perspective this article Written by Simantini Ghosh offers some solutions or way forward on the issue.  She says we need ensure our children receive gender education from early on.

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Indian Society : Some suggestion on halt to halt this toxic masculinity that is devouring our boys

  • As parents, how do we halt this toxic masculinity that is devouring our boys, and through them causing irreparable damage to girls?
  • Fear of Law vs Behavioral change: Every major rape case in India is followed by a public outcry to hang the rapist. And hung they have. Rape accused been killed in police encounters. Yet data has consistently shown that the death penalty does nothing to reduce violence against women anywhere, anytime. Since India allowed the death penalty in case of rapes/gang rapes involving minors, they have been rather liberally doled out in lower courts.
  • Capital Punishment is not long term solution: However, the recent Bois locker room is yet another demonstration, the problem does not end with hanging the “othered” rapist, because rape lives within us.
  • Our society : enables it and permits it, and passive silence strengthens rape culture. This is rape culture, full and frontal.

Way Forward:

  • Two approaches are urgently needed.
    1. Gender and sex education should be made part of the primary school curriculum.
    2. Schools need to urgently conduct cyber-bullying, gender sensitisation and gendered-abuse workshops with parents, teachers and students regularly.
  • I entreat especially the parents of boys to abolish the sense of entitlement which is common to every Indian male child.
  • Rather than telling our girls to stay home and cover themselves up, tell our boys not to rape.
  • We should teach children the meaning of consent.
  • Role of parents  [GS4 Ethics]: All of the above will still fail if parents do not lead by example.
  • Gender equity: Indian men have largely not grown up witnessing any form of gender equity, rather the opposite. Children learn by imprinting and modelling behaviours they see in adults around them.
  • Stereotype: It is crucial to break gender stereotypes if respect across genders is to be fostered in children.
  • Stereotyping creates precisely the hierarchy in the family, where the position of one gender subsumes the other.
  • We Should take our share of responsibility for this collective failure.
  • Convergence: We need to act now, nudge policymakers, and schools, to ensure that our children receive gender education from early on.
  • What gets measured gets improved: Unless we acknowledge the flourishing rape culture all around, safety and dignity will be a long way off for Indian women.

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