Today’s Paper 12th June India

Today’s paper is not having such a great articles , Both the lead articles in Hindu and IE are advice articles to PM Modi. The Science section in Hindu is a must read. Mrunal bhai has released Person in news articles do read them.

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Today’s Paper 11th June India

Today The Hindu and Indian express have very good articles related to International relations,dealing with Pakistan and China.A wonderful article on Urbanization.And two articles related to India health care.

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The future of Wikipedia WikiPeaks?

IN 2012, after 244 years in print, Encyclopedia Britannica became online-only. Now a group of German fans of Wikipedia, an online, user-generated encyclopedia, are raising money for a move in the opposite direction.

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Politics in its place by Pratap Bhanu Mehta

This article is Focusing all our attention on the state, we miss our own deeper failings of social trust.

One is tempted to remind them of M.G. Ranade’s eloquent warning:

“You cannot be liberal by halves. You cannot be liberal in politics and conservative in religion. The heart and the head must go together.You cannot cultivate your intellect, enrich your mind, enlarge the sphere of your political rights and privileges, and at the same time keep your hearts closed and cramped. It is an idle dream to expect men to remain enchained and enshackled in their own superstition and social evils, while they are struggling hard to win rights and privileges from their rulers.Before long these vain dreamers will find their dreams lost.”

Overcoming cynicism Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Few who came to the argument were open to being persuaded, few were open to any possibilities other than what they had already committed to.


Police Reforms still remains on paper

Though seven years have passed since the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgment, most of the States have not complied with many of its directions to bring about police reforms.

Some States enacted laws and implemented the directions in part, prompting the court early this year to once again remind all of them of the need for compliance. The matter is still pending.

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Today’s Links 30 October 2013