UPSC Personal Mentorship

The WHY?

Besides discipline, what would you say is the one thing that all athletes have in common? All Olympic athletes have a coach.

I find this interesting. Don’t you? Why does PV Sindhu or Nadal have a coach? Aren’t they accomplished players in their field?  

What differentiates a superelite from someone who competes at the Olympics but goes home empty-handed?

New research suggests it can come down to the coach–athlete relationship. According to findings presented in the World-Class Performance Conference in London, super elites felt that their coaches fully satisfied their emotional needs by acting as friends, mentors and unwavering supporters—in addition to providing superb technical support. High-performing athletes who were not medalled did not feel that way.

This turns on its head a long-held view that we must simply pair the best technical and tactical coaches to our best athletes to achieve ultimate performance.

The same logic applies to UPSC, you don’t need a mentor to tell you, read Laxmikanth for Polity! Or say write mocks for prelims or mains. It’s not the book list or strategy that makes the difference, it’s important but not the only thing.

Having explained my perspective of why you need a mentor in the first place, the next stop is

what is mentorship or what to expect from mentorship or mentors?

Human side: The real reason why you need a mentor.

  • Mentorship is handholding not spoon-feeding, it’s nudging and empowering the aspirants.
  • It’s the accountability and trust between the mentor and mentee. [Your failure is also mine, not just your success or ranks]
  • It’s about reading between the lines and being there when they require someone the most.
  • It’s about listening than giving, gyan.
  • Furthermore, it’s tailor suiting than have one size fits all approach.
  • Above all, it’s about reinforcing the faith and making them realize the potential you see in them.
  • It’s about supporting to push back in to the positive and momentum stream. Mental health and negative spiral are just around the corner in UPSC, talking to a mentor helps a lot. [From breakups to marriage pressure or fear of failure, I have heard them all]
  • Simply put, you will have someone to understand you because most people who have never faced the UPSC cycle cannot even fathom what you are talking about.

Technical side: To overcome your lack of experience.

  • Personalized schedule and suggestions
  • Daily Update through Google sheets.
  • Weekly call with mentor.
  • On-demand call with mentor.
  • Books and strategy
  • Test series suggestions
  • Overall fine-tuning of your answer writing.
  • Suggestions to do the right thing at the right time.

I believe that human side is 70% and technical side is 30% the synergy that comes with calm mind and appropriate strategy is something that has to be experienced. With this method, by grace of the almighty, I was fortunate enough to see aspirants making it all the way into the final list or ended up giving UPSC interviews.

I will be the last person to say that it’s my credit, 99% hard work is done by the students, 1% is my guidance and effort.

I also believe that the magic ingredient is “TRUST”, every one who did what I suggested in letter and spirit ended up in Interview stage, from not clearing prelims multiple times to interview, I consider the journey is the reward and a success in itself.

You can check out the Testimonials of the toppers here.

I hope you are back after checking testimonials!  

My name is Kalyan, I am the person who will be mentoring you, if you choose to join the module. [check the testimonials.]

 Are you interested in Personal mentorship?

  • The fee is ₹7,999 until Prelims, when you clear prelims it will automatically extend to mains, no extra fee. [One-time Payment]
  • When you clear mains, my support extends until interview, it’s a reward for your progress.


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Kindly Note

  • I reserve the right to decide on the final admission, my time, and your time is valuable, if I feel that your cup is already full, we may not be able to continue this journey.
  • Answer writing or evaluation is NOT included.