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Read Between the Lines [02-12-19]

Read between the lines is to encourage aspirants to self study and refocus on the newspapers instead of totally depending on third party sources for their preparation.

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How to make most of Read between the lines Explained here, also you can find all the Previous read between the lines posts here in the archives.

  • Adjusted gross revenue
  • supreme court guidelines on the disclosure of Identity of the rape victims
  • University grant commission
  • Nirbhaya case -mercy plea
  • GST revenue cgst sgst igst
  • Wildlife crime control bureau
  • wildlife protection act 1972 schedule 2 of wildlife protection act
  • GDP
  • gross value  addition
  • what is disinvestment
  • nato
  • what are Baltic Nations
  • European union
  • China ,Russia ,Japan,
  • European economic community
  • What is antimicrobial resistance
  • what is one health approach
  • food and agriculture organisation
  • G7 G20 European union
  • World health organisation
  • India’s national action plan on antimicrobial resistance 2017
  • what is crony capitalism
  • Who is a farmer
  • Pradhanmantri Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme
  • Operational holders
  • cultivators
  • agricultural labours
  • sharecroppers
  • tenants
  • what is agroforestry
  • National register of citizens
  • Panchayat extension of scheduled areas act 1996
  • forest rights act
  • Lokpal
  • CBI
  • Hong Kong
  • facial recognition
  • instrument in support of trade exchanges –Iran

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