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Read Between the Lines [31-7-19]

Read between the lines is to encourage aspirants to self study and refocus on the newspapers instead of totally depending on third party sources for their preparation.

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How to make most of Read between the lines Explained here, also you can find all the Previous read between the lines posts here in the archives.

Constitution, Polity & Governance

  • The muslim women protection of rights on marriages bill 2019 triple talaq bill
  • Comptroller and auditor general
  • 10% reservation for economic weaker sections -constitution 103 amendment  2019
  • Right to information act section 8 of rti
  • National food security act
  • data as public good
  • Right to education act

Society & Social issues

  • Chenchu Tribe- Particularly vulnerable tribal groups
  • Early childhood care and education
  • anganwadis? the first thousands of development in persons life.
  • What is integrated child development scheme
  • asha worker
  • Example for community managed crutches Fulwari Chhattisgarh
  • Strength of women mp in lok sabha
  • mission Shakti of Odisha
  • what are self help groups

International relations

  • united nation security council
  • what is washington consensus
  • what do understand proxy war in west asia
  • multi polar world
  • What do you understand by unilateralism,Ethnocentrism,Protectionism
  • World trade organisation
  • rule based order
  • Uighur Muslims ..
  • northeast is the gateway to act east  policy


  • GST
  • Unified payment interface (truecaller app issue)
  • nifty
  • sensex
  • foreign portfolio investment
  • what is by buy back of  shares
  • gross domestic product
  • small cap Mid cap Index ?
  • udaan scheme
  • kala dhan multi model project
  • What are  external commercial borrowing
  • non banking finance corporation

Science and Technology

  • what is data mining what are  data mining company
  • artificial intelligence
  • 5G technology

Geography, ,Environment, Biodiversity and Disaster Management

  • National tiger conservation authority
  • What are tiger range countries
  • project tiger
  • project elephant
  • sariska tiger reserve
  • what do you understand by movement corridor

History, Indian Heritage and Culture

  • Tipu sultan


  • What is Cambridge analytica issue ?

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