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Suggested Articles for 18th July 2015

These are Suggested Articles for 18th July 2015 from The Hindu and Indian Express also included in the post are daily current affairs from various sources.

5 thoughts on “Suggested Articles for 18th July 2015”

  1. Thanks for sharing these, but i feel some of the articles are trivial and political in nature which can be avoided for example teesta, tatkal article. Also there is repetition of articles like the on status of CJI for which 2 links have been posted.

    • Thank you for thesuggestion,I do try to eliminate the trivial and political topics, as much as possible, but teesta issue might blow up in to CS VS govt, coming to tatkal though not useful from UPSC perspective, useful for common knowledge. I use Hindus Todays paper, so diff headings on same article misguided me, sorry for that, will try to keep all this in mind 🙂

      PS: Your site is wonderful.Subscribing right away.

  2. You guys are doing a great job.. Although I have one problem.. I have downloaded the app and read news on that only.. But some days,like today, the news links are not there on the app. Just today’s date is there.. I have to read it from the site which is inconvenient for me.. Please look into this..
    Anyways thanks for all this help

    • That app is maintained by dwnld , its not fully under our control and kind of beta stage, sorry for the inconvenience. But thank you for trying it out and bringing the issue to our notice. Might I suggest feedly might be a good alternative ??

      • Please try to fix the issue as it is easy to read from the app…meanwhile I’ll follow the site…
        Thanks a lot for everything:)


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