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Suggested Articles for 19th June 2015

These are Suggested Articles for 19th June 2015 from The Hindu and Indian Express also included in the post are daily current affairs from various sources.

4 thoughts on “Suggested Articles for 19th June 2015”

  1. Hey,

    Why do you always leave out Shiv Vishwanathan’s articles?
    I agree, much of it requires too much of vocab but it’s worth reading his pieces?

    • Nice observation, I personally don’t feel they are much useful and the effort is too much to get one or two points, on a personal note I think the same points can be eventually gained from many other sources. And he writes verbose articles, I see no point in wasting time of readers by suggesting his articles.

      When MR.Ram and Mr. Varadarajan were the editors of Hindu , I have not seen them allotting lead space to him. I seriously question the judgement(present editor’s )in allotting the space. I would love to hear your opinion.

      • Oh yeah, absolutely. His articles will be mostly verbose. I agree with you when you say we wouldn’t stand much gained from his articles and the exam specific points present in the article can be imbibed from different sources, yet, I admire his intellectual abilities. I’ve watched him speak on TV on a range of issues – unlike his fellow panelists, he never shouts, his tone will never be patronizing, he sounds like a sage among all those jokers when he speaks 🙂 I also think, he is being exceedingly biased against our PM which is quite unfair.

        With regards to the Editorial content of the newspaper, well, I’m not quite sure as I’ve not quite regularly followed it.

        I’ve been trying to give a try at this exam only from this year, so I’m not sure how the editorial used to be before.

        But the last 6 months of my preparation has told me that Indian Express editorials fare better than The Hindu’s.

        As far recommending his articles, I tend to agree with you 🙂 🙂 I was just curious to know the reason as I like him personally and you always avoid his articles 🙂

        • I once attended his seminar in Nehru Memorial library NMML library Delhi, I did not like him personally too, he was saying some thing non laymanish, or some thing which only he understands and he used the term thermodynamics with some sociology term , the lecture went on for 20 minutes , frankly I did not get what he wanted to say. After his speech one of the audience Introduced him self as a professor of Physic and he asked him to explain the Thermodynamics thing again. Mr.V said when scientists use new jargon all the time, we don’t object and why should you object me using the term with sociology, yet the question was not answered.

          I always read the authors name before reading the article, it gives me some basic Idea about the mindset of the writer, so that I will filter it accordingly, that helped me a lot, articles by Mr.v, Tavleen singh ,chetan bagath.. etc I avoid them like plague.

          I personally like Pratap bhanu mehta and P.Sainath’s articles very much , also Mr.Shekar gupta writes very good articles but he always changes his stand,some times biased some times very honestly.

          Finally yes Indian Express articles are getting better, while Hindu for some unknown reasons it’s quality is going south.


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