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Suggested Articles for February 24th 2016

These are Suggested Articles for February 24th 2016 from The Hindu and Indian Express also included in the post are articles from various news papers.

Editorials and Opinions

National, International and Business

2 thoughts on “Suggested Articles for February 24th 2016”

  1. Dear Sir, I have a doubt wth regards to history books for Mains.
    I have already read Bipin Chandra and Spectrum History book. Both I found to be good, but looking at the depth of analytical question that UPSC is asking in Mains exam, I would like your suggestion on few books.

    Which one is good, Plassey to Partition or 1885-1947 by Sumit Sarkar? please give some feedback on both the books as well.

    Thank You. Yes, I am enjoying reading your posts, very helpful.

    • Bipan Chandra is the core book, Spectrum is shortened version of bipan chandra with revision summary in the end of each chapter. So you can read any one of the

      Plassey to partition is more analytical and Highly recommended , if yoy have time do read it.

      Sumit sarkar is a classic, but not recommend for UPSC as of now.


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