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Today’s Paper 12th June India

Today’s paper is not having such a great articles , Both the lead articles in Hindu and IE are advice articles to PM Modi. The Science section in Hindu is a must read. Mrunal bhai has released Person in news articles do read them.

The Hindu

A doctrine of economic levers, soft power

Joseph Nye, reminds us, power can be exercised in three ways: by threatening or actually using military force, by offering economic incentives or imposing economic sanctions, or by building what Nye famously dubbed “soft power.” That is, the “soft power” of nations to persuade others based on the attractiveness of their technology, politics, culture, ideas or ideals.

Focus on diamond quadrilateral

Indian Express

Turning the web page

Modi operandi [only if you have time]


The curious case of parties that don’t fight polls [Electroal reforms]

Media ownership blues

Harsh Mander | Reinforcing the welfare agenda [only if you have time]


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