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Today’s Paper 18th June

International relations articles occupied the majority today and they are really useful , specially the crisis in middle east and how it affects India.

War in Iraq hurts every home in India by Praveen swami this is a must read as it explains how the crisis in middle east will affect India and its threat to energy security in India .

Turning to Iran nice summation of all that  lead to present crisis in Iraq.

The great game folio: US and Iran IE

Answering to law, not to Caesar this is article on how Governments regularly misusing the Intelligence bureau.

The importance of dissent in democracy wonderfully written about how NGO’s are useful in a democracy to give voice to dissent and how they act as a mechanism to keep check on the rulers.

Revise your book, Orient Blackswan tells Megha Kumar

Centre in a hurry, but Governors won’t quit

Removal of Governor with change of guard at Centre is against court ruling

Iran, P5+1 begin talks

Avoid excessive legal supervision on financial regulators: RBI

C. Raja Mohan | Managing strategic partnerships via Mint.

Aadhaar and the rhetoric of fear

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