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Today’s Paper 11th June India

Today The Hindu and Indian express have very good articles related to International relations,dealing with Pakistan and China.A wonderful article on Urbanization.And two articles related to India health care.

  • Talking to Pakistan in its language Praveen Swami .The Lashkar-e-Taiba has blamed India for the Karachi airport attack, the latest of many signs that it may be preparing the ground for terror strikes. Mr. Modi promised to hit back, but can he?
  • Quality health care with public funds Indians around the world are proud that India’s vibrant democracy has worked.
  • Waiting for the panda India has never been a recipient of China’s panda diplomacy.To foreground India’s “missing panda” in the bilateral relationship is to suggest that things could be cuddlier between China and India.
  • String of Pearls C.Raja MohanChina is seeking a permanent presence in the Indian Ocean through a “string of pearls”, or a network of bases, has been debated for a while.
  • City needs a plan Gulzar Natarajan Nothing less than a paradigm shift in urban governance will do.
  • Of primary importanceWe need better primary health centres more than AIIMS-like institutions.
  • The Real War of Ideas 

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