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UPSC / IAS Personalised Mentorship Program

Confused about prelims 2021 ?  We have a solution for you !

Some students are facing issues with self-study, by staying in home and not able to concentrate on their own without any oversight and any accountability. I have received quite a lot of messages regarding the same. Most aspirants fail to clear prelims not because of lack of knowledge but due to lack of the external push and nudges along the journey.

So, we are launching a new module, Personal Mentorship for Prelims 2021.

Mentorship till Prelims 2021. (10th October 2021)

Prelims Personalised Mentorship Program:

Features of the module

  • Daily Follow up on Telegram.
  • Weekly review call and on demand call
  • One to one focus and Individualised approach.
  • Customised schedule and weekly targets.
  • Continued focus on overall strategy till prelims 2021.
  • Books list and resources suggestions
  • Revision strategy including CSAT and Current Affairs
  • Suggestions on mocks and revision of the same.

Fees: ₹4500 Join the Course : https://rzp.io/l/rG7iO9AZ

Have some doubts? Mail to [email protected] or Message to Kalyanz on Telegram.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can this Program Help Me Reach My Goals?

No promises/assurances/Guarantees regarding your success/Results are given in any format. This module will help you stay focused and work harder and help you stay in the right path and help “you” to complete targets in time. You still have to do all the 99% hard work and I will provide 1 % Guidance.

2. Why Pay ₹4500 for 1% Guidance?

  • Good question, only when we add monetary value to some think we take it seriously.
  • I Have been Mentoring aspirants since 2014, after a time they drift away because it’s free.
  • So, paying money gives you the required motivation to stay accountable and adds responsibility.

3. What other features are offered?

A dedicated schedule and target sheet will be created for you based on the conversation and requirements.

4. I decide not to write in 2021, can I get back the money?

Fees once paid is not refunded under any circumstances.

5. I am not comfortable expressing my problems in English?

I am comfortable in English, Hindi and Telugu, so you can communicate over calls in any of these three languages.

6. Can I Pay monthly?

No, as the next few months are very crucial no time to drift away, so full-fledged commitment or nothing is expected.

7. I am your existing/old student, will this apply to me as well?

It applies to you more than others. As you are the ones who drifted more.

8. What is not Covered?

  • Material/test series/books are not provided along with this module.
  • Detailed syllabus and subject/topics discussions.

9. Privacy & other details.

  • We respect your privacy and choices, we will not disclose your details or any personal information to any one, nor will be used for marketing.
  • Due to unforeseen health issues/personal works a day or two delay might happen in the response.

Disclaimer: This module is not a Silver bullet for clearing prelims.On demand call weekly once/Twice* 30 minutes * Maximum We Will Contact with in 24 hours of Payment.

Refund Policy: Fee Once paid is not refundable under any circumstances.

Fees: ₹4500 Join the Course : https://rzp.io/l/rG7iO9AZ