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UPSC Prelims 2021 Test Series

UPSC Prelims 2021 Test Series

Dedicated Current Affairs test series! 1800 MCQ’s !

Since 2014- 2015 Prelims, UPSC have increased the weightage for current affairs in prelims and this forced students to dedicatedly prepare for current affairs in depth. And Year after year it’s importance and weightage are changing, and difficulty is increasing.

Prelims have become really challenging and a difficult hurdle for many aspirants, and current affairs is the extra edge.

This test series is created to help students focus on the 100 most important topic from every month, so that he will be constantly in touch with all the important current affairs topics along with static syllabus.

Starting early will give you the edge! Don’t waste time waiting thinking about the journey, start it immediately, because Paths are made by walking not by waiting!!!

[Sources] Questions are framed from

  • News Papers [The Hindu + Indian express + Live Mint]
  • PIB releases.
  • Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazines.
  • AIR Spotlight
  • Rajya Sabha TV debates and Special programs.
  • Important Reports and survey’s released.

Features of Test Series:

  1. 17 Monthly Current affairs tests from January 2020 to May 2021.
  2. Flexible schedule, write any test, any time from any place.
  3. Questions based on Newspapers, PIB, RSTV , Yojana,Kurukshetra,PRS and latest government reports and documents.
  4. 1 Full Length Current affairs in May 2021. ( 18 tests overall 17 Monthly+1 FLT)
  5. Detailed Explanation PDF based on your attempt is available after the test.
  6. Tests are completely on par with UPSC Standards.
  7. Test Series is available in English Medium Only.
  8. Test Dates and timings are subject to change.
  9. Test will be uploaded on the mentioned date in the schedule at 10.00 am.
  10. Separate Question Paper will not be provided.

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Current Affairs Test Schedule

1 20-07-2020 Monday CA Test 01 January 2020 Current Affairs
2 21-07-2020 Tuesday CA Test 02 February 2020 Current Affairs
3 22-07-2020 Wednesday CA Test 03 March 2020 Current Affairs
4 23-07-2020 Thursday CA Test 04 April 2020 Current Affairs
5 24-07-2020 Friday CA Test 05 May 2020 Current Affairs
6 25-07-2020 Saturday CA Test 06 June 2020 Current Affairs
7 20-08-2020 Thursday CA Test 07 July 2020 Current Affairs
8 20-09-2020 Sunday CA Test 08 August 2020 Current Affairs
9 20-10-2020 Tuesday CA Test 09 September 2020 Current affairs
10 20-11-2020 Friday CA Test 10 October 2020 Current affairs
11 20-12-2020 Sunday CA Test 11 November 2020 Current affairs
12 20-01-2021 Wednesday CA Test 12 December 2020 Current Affairs
13 20-02-2021 Saturday CA Test 13 January 2021 Current Affairs
14 20-03-2021 Saturday CA Test 14 February 2021 Current Affairs
15 20-04-2021 Tuesday CA Test 15 March 2021 Current Affairs
16 20-05-2021 Thursday CA Test 16 April 2021 Current affairs
17 Update Soon CA Test 17 May 2020 Current Affairs
18 Update Soon CA Test 18 CA FLT JAN 2020- May 2020

Our Portal Features

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How it will help you

  • You can revise the tests and reattempt them.
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  • Learning and gaining knowledge is prioritized over rote learning.
  • Tests and Question are framed to be completely on par with UPSC Standards.
  • 1800 MCQ’s will give you deep insights in to current affairs required for UPSC.

Who are we?

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